• the song of a lover as dawn approaches, often with a watchman warning of the approach of a lady's jealous husband
  • a song renouncing a lover
  • a song about the Crusades, usually encouraging them
  • a song heavily discordant in verse form and/or feeling
  • a long didactic poem, usually not divided into stanzas, teaching a moral or practical lesson
  • a poem expressing indignation or feelings of insult
  • a lover's apology
  • a boasting song, often presented as a challenge, often similar to modern sports chants
  • a song complaining about a lady's behaviour and character
  • a poem expressing pleasure
  • a love letter addressed to another, not always one's lover
  • the song of a lover waiting impatiently for the evening (to consummate his love)
  • a traveller's complaint


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