To watch Joan Armatrading followed by Lil B
To watch now
To be unable to renew Patriarchy and accumulation on a world scale : women in the international division of labour / 307500125528519sfsu / HD6060.6 .M54 1986
To be unable to go on a tour of historic Black Panther sites because of guilt
To downgrade to a dumbfone
To use a phone to send a text to tell a friend one will be using a phone as a phone soon
To avoid the pretty park because it is too crowded because it is too pretty
To order MGD because PBR is played-out
To move to Marin because a $2.7M SF home is too small for a family of 4
To name the closet the bedroom
To sit in front of a computer 8 hours daily
To tell one's coworker one is indeed very happy with the size of one's monitor
To have groin pain
To have eye twitching
To dream we were abducted
To buy a bag of dandelion greens and find them very fine
To buy a can of beans
To name my cattle likewise


Blogger Imogene Bitty said...

i like what you do here.

17 June, 2011  

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