I used to hate it when everyone called me a ‘stylist’ — I am a curator and a communicator

I used to hate Irv and everyone affiliated with him
I used to hate this city, how everyone is connected
I Used to Hate My Skin
I used to hate Rain Dance
I used to hate ethics
I Used to Hate Timesheets
I used to hate [and] women too!
I used to hate the Head-On commercials
I used to hate the damn thing's scripting language
I used to hate that my mom had eyes
I used to hate [and] every single blade of grass
I used to hate little yappers
but now I really appreciate them
I don't hate Pennzoil. I just want to use the best motor oil I can



Blogger Nada Gordon: 2 ludic 4 U said...

I used to hate that my mom had eyes, too,but now I've become reconciled to their existence.

19 January, 2011  
Blogger +++ said...

those head-on commercials, we were born from them.

20 January, 2011  
Blogger VanGogha said...

I used to hate negativity until I read Sei Shonagon, so even if this were a list of things you still hate (and I wonder how one is able to not hate Timesheets), I would still enjoy this list. I especially like the last 4 lines. The caps locked "ETC" seems to imply that there are many more things that you no longer hate, and I congratulate you on such a successful change of heart. Most of the things I used to hate I still hate. Thank you for sharing.

05 March, 2011  
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