Can you say Our Father?
Who taught it to you?
You say that you are sent by God?
So you believe that God hates the English?
You have told how Saint Michael appeared to you ... how did you greet him?
In what form did he reveal himself?
What was Saint Michael wearing?
How can you know whether the person you saw was a man or a woman?
Was he naked?
Do you not believe that God would have clothes for him?
Did he have any hair on his head?
Why should he have had it cut off?
Why are you wearing men's clothes?
Are you willing to wear a woman's dress?
So it is God who has commanded you to go about in men's clothes?
And what reward do you hope to obtain from the Lord?
Do you not understand that what you are saying is blasphemy?
Has God promised you anything?
Can you not tell us what it is that God has promised you?
What has God promised you?
Has God promised you that you will be released from your prison?
Will you take an oath never to bear arms against England again?
Would you recognize your King's signature?
You profess to be a daughter of God?
Then why will you not say Our Father?
Has God told you that you will be released from your prison?
Has God promised you that you will go to Paradise?
Since you are so certain of your salvation ... why do you need to go to confession?
Are you in a state of grace?
Are you in a state of grace?
Joan, if you were allowed to go to Mass now ... would you consent to give up your men's clothes?
Then you would rather keep your men's clothes than come to Mass?


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