I wanted to ask about piece in this context:

Sorry Stacy
about the big piece
it’s on the brain

in AUTHENTICIZED APOLOGY POEM CIRCA 2009, and I also wanted to ask - is
the person speaking a man or a female or does it shift? (Icelandic sucks
in this way, you have to attach a gender to some words here and there,
like "drunk" or "myself")

and we also have questions about some stuff in CAN I PREVENT MY WAGES FROM

In the ninth line, does "pop" mean the sound or a soda?
In line number 12, is "icon" a painting of a saint or a symbol?
What is the exact meaning of "stacks and flumes"? There´s a lot of
What is the meaning of "spread"?
Is the conductor in the last line a man conducting a symphony or a man who
works on a bus or a train?

I'm having trouble with two things in the apology poem:

"Sorry this is my lame suit"  - are we talking about a lame suit (as in
"this suit is so lame"),  or the golden suit Elvis Prestley wore (which is
what I get if I picture-google "lame suit") or something else entirely?

And one more thing:
"Below to SNOPES" - are you refering to the snopes.com website (as
urbandictionary.com suggests:
http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=snopes) or does snopes mean
something else in this context?


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