I read James Schuyler's The Morning of the Poem last night for the first time. Near the end, he mentions "Anticipation" and though Carly Simon is far from my bag, that tune's been ringing in my head ever since.

I should also mention that last night I realized Carly Simon may be insane? She maintains her own YouTube channel where she seems to post nothing but little monologues about her hair color, what she ate for breakfast, how her grandson is doing, etc. Thank you James Schuyler for your gifts.


Blogger Michael Kelleher, Buffalo, NY said...

Those are some huge feet.

21 July, 2010  
Blogger rodney k said...

... and those are some huge crazy monologues.

YouTube's supposed to make everyone a star, but whenever real stars appear on it like this it, without the right framework for celebrity and glamor, they look ill.

Thanks for finding these ... I've watched a half dozen and want/don't want more.

23 July, 2010  

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