How do we break into the draft board building
when there is no draft board building?


Blogger dbuuck said...


23 July, 2010  
Blogger Alli Warren said...

But physically destroying the card that has the power to send a person off to war, such that that person cannot be sent off to war. That directness, that immediacy.

We're still sending poor non-whites off to war, but the process is hidden now. Tho just as systemic. I guess breaking into the military recruitment center and destroying the records could have a similarly direct result. Rather than protesting outside it...

23 July, 2010  
Blogger dbuuck said...

the card that has the power now is the class card - systemic poverty & unemployment - and destroying that takes direct action as well. you could say that the process today is 'hidden' but only to those who can afford to ignore the fact that the its workings are visible right there in downtown berkeley, no?

(recall it was only when US middle class males suddenly began to be drafted into the war machine in the 60s/70s that the middle class got directly active in the anti-war movement.)

23 July, 2010  

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