The East Coast

I eat more vegetables and drink more alcohol in the Bay Area than in DC, NJ, CT and NY (combined).

NYC needs to step up its coffee game. The Bay Area needs to step up its sartorial game.

If a man reading the Koran in Bed-Stuy asks if you speak French, you should buy one of the hats he is selling.

The man in front of the White House with a sign reading Meace on Earth.

Cherry blossom bulge.

Embassy row.

Busboys and Poets.

Buck Downs's notebooks.

Russ & Daughters lox. Foie gras ice cream. Katz's pastrami. Steamed buns and pickled cherry soft-serve. Veal liver. Rob's beef shoulder. Clam apizza. Goat roti. Jamaican empanada. Opting for the smelt cupcakes.

Covert plastic surgery clinics in the Upper East Side.

Fight between homeless man and irate man on DC bus. Yelling match between homeless man and irate man on NYC subway.

Comrade Gaga.

Coco texting.

Roman bedrooms.

Being unable to sit on Lincoln's lap.

CA Conrad eating garlic in Atlantic City.

Empire State Building Horror.

The bar bill Friday night in Brooklyn.

Latina women pushing white babies in elegant strollers.

Crying with a bottle of $4 Miller High Life in hand.

Kim's radiance.

The light in LRSN's kitchen.

Traveling by train.

Drew Gardner as 80's teen heartthrob.

The Bruce High Quality Foundation.

Generations at Segue.

Brandon Downing Girl Group.

The two couches at Space Space.

Meeting everyone.

"It feels very Bay Area in here."

Coletti's "holy shit, you've got to talk to make sound?"

DGLS's 6 button Shaq suit somehow feels 1940's.

TRY! magazine comes to NYC.

Drunk in the Detroit airport.

Not dying in an aircrash.


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