Friday FAST DAY 5 is the day I have to write about now. The day I had to fight off so much purple. It was a very painful day, enough to make me cry out loud. I stood in the middle of the studio (at opposite ends from the sink) with my white flannel nightgown with deep bright blue and green flowers, my face a deep green, as I imagine it, matching the flowers on the nightgown. Calling out to the souls for mercy, I stood with my hands wrung together and my face lifted to the ceiling. As soon as I tried this dramatic post I had the weird feeling my picture had been taken for some spirit-life snapshot album and when I was dead the friendly forces that were keeping me going were going to open the album and show me this funny snapshot of me with bright green face standing in my flowered nightgown clenching my hands and crying out. Then I began to laugh at myself at my melodrama and at the embarrassing spectacle I was making of myself.


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