What is a weblog for in a Facebook age when one (that's me) only ever experiences stabs at thoughts, decontextualized quotes, and floating phrases masquerading as writing? The "status update" is made for (sad, disgusting, horrible) people like me. But the status update gets absorbed, forgotten, pushed down the page into oblivion. And by no fault of its own, often seeks nothing but immediate response and reassurance. So Hello Weblog, it's 2009. At the intersection of Bay and Harrison streets this morning, everyone going about their morning routines had to stop to wait for a funeral procession to pass. My day will now be different. The pauses help.


Blogger Stan Apps said...

The status update is a cure for that state of open-ended neediness, when it's like "what do I need exactly?" And then it turns out you needed to be acknowledged by some old acquaintance from Wyoming. (Or Tampa, Florida as the case may be)

19 August, 2009  

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