I woke up Saturday morning with a scratched right elbow, a bruised right ring finger, two blisters on my feet, and really really sore legs. A layer of canbeer in the sink and I think BB found a glass of tequila in the freezer. O and the couch cushion now has a nice ridged black design burned into it. We flipped it.

Our little spot on Shotwell is going to be holding a garage sale soon unless y'all claim your belongings. LOST AND FOUND:

(3) umbrellas (1 brown, 1 green with orange trim, and 1 really nice black one)
(1) ipod with some sort of casing I can't seem to remove
(1) TRY! magazine (the kid issue)

We spent Saturday with a really cute worm who's not yet entered the mirror stage. I bought railroad pants (conductor pants?) and a blazer. We ate a lot of cheese and watched Nate Robinson kill it in the slam dunk contest.

Lessons learned?

- The poets really like to dance to Missy Elliot's "Work It"
- A drunk man can sleep through anything
- Americans can sleep through a chained and hooded figure in an orange jumpsuit
- The Group can sleep through anything. Maybe.


Blogger suzanne said...

let's have a date, i miss you like crazy.

i can't Group anymore. I can only one on one.

post work drink?



17 February, 2009  
Blogger Alli Warren said...

let's have a date.

all of the above, yes please.

except, um, we might have to wait till March.

17 February, 2009  

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