The hippocampus is important. I need to improve.

Contemporary country sounds like pop (obvs) and a lot of R&B sounds like contemporary country (e.g. Beyonce)

I stand by my drunken insistence that R. Kelly & Morrisey are basically um the same.

Please put the Auto-Tune down and step away from the mic.

The cop-car chorus in Weezy's Mrs. Officer as a cat-call. Thanks teenage boys outside the Mission library, I'm stealing this one from you.

I want to touch the art. Does everyone want to touch the art? Why can't we touch the art?


Blogger BB said...

"Please put the Auto-Tune down and step away from the mic."

Hear, hear.

And while you're at it, Alli, maybe you should explain the Kells/Morrissey thing a little more, though it's nice how enigmatic it must be for people, and what wild leaps of imagination it must undoubtedly engender.

13 November, 2008  
Blogger Matt said...

I saw a little kid touch the art once. No one seemed to notice except for his parent/guardian, who breathed in sharply and whisked the kid away without a word.

13 November, 2008  
Blogger Alli Warren said...

young bb,

isn't it completely clear?

13 November, 2008  
Blogger rodney k said...

Hi Alli,

Looking at SS's latest post on the SFMOMA blog, looks like people want to drink the art, too. And they can ...

13 November, 2008  
Blogger Jennifer Manzano said...

See, A-dub. *THIS* is why I luv ya.

14 November, 2008  
Blogger suzanne said...

you can touch a lot of art right now at the museum too

the reason normally you can't touch the art is that your dirty grimy oily human finger stains will decay the art, muss it up, make it icky

touching the art makes it go away faster and the places that want to maintain the physical integrity of the art want to do that for a really long time. if everyone touched the picasso there'd be nothing left to see

yes everyone wants to touch the art, and that's because we can't

you know, that old wanting what you can't have situation

the art you can touch right now in the museum is art that is not dependent on the preciousness of its own self, often the 'art' is by proxy of the 'object' which is just the catalyst

the drinking is the art, supposedly, not the beer or the bottles (i'm wrong about the bottles. they become the remembrance of the art)

or something.

what's the point of this long comment bubble?

23 November, 2008  

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