the pickaxe


Blogger Jennifer Manzano. said...

I mean, how would you have guessed that happened? Hidden cameras on bookshelves? Seems just as likely, huh?

What is that the kids say? "Pinch, poke, you owe me a coke?" There was a girl who lived across the street who said that, and she'd actually pinch and poke in the process. I didn't like her much, but she had a crush on my little brother. And I don't really drink soda, and didn't then either. She drank diet, being a diabetic and all.

04 June, 2008  
Blogger Jennifer Manzano. said...

And also, us, within 3 minutes.

We're good, Alli.

Real good.

04 June, 2008  
Blogger Alli Warren said...

it's the tides.

04 June, 2008  
Blogger Ridiculous Human Things said...

Qu'est-que c'est, Madame?

07 June, 2008  
Blogger pam said...

Is anyone here going to take that pickaxe and charge at Silliman's commentbox for fun?

16 June, 2008  

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