Hello Internet. It's Music Friday! Got my hair all washed and a new pair of socks on.

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For a long time, I could not listen to any Springsteen album other than "Nebraska." Now I can, and I'm trying to figure out what that's about. A matter of maturity? Of embracing straight ahead pop-rock with no pretensions? How ridiculously unaffected by anything post-. These songs are stories, with subjects, and verses, and choruses. Choruses which make me smile in public, on trains. A lot of air-guitar too.

Dan Deacon -- Crystal Cat

Encountered the video before the song. Originally, I was resistant. The hipster aesthetic is out of control. But Dan himself is talented. And goofy. Those Sally Jesse Raphael glasses? Awesome. Lots of build up here, as in the Bruuuuuuce.

Via Brandon via LRSN. BB played it so many times a day I barfed/collapsed! Coming back to it now, loving it's pure celebratory tone, matched with almost no aggressive language. It's all about having it, not about how you (the listener, other dudes) ain't got it. Refreshing.

Ray Price -- I Saw My Castles Fall Today

Holy cow, look at that suit! look at those white folks! Add Ray Price to the list of country musicians I should have been listening to since forever ago. The song I'd rather have up here though is "Talk to Your Heart" but the Internet don't got it.

And here now stands a placeholder for Khia's "My Neck, My Back." It's too dirty to post, even for Organ Pleasure. Straight outta 2002, got about as much play at Santa Cruz parties as Madonna and Gravy Train!!! Coming back to it now via Dana Ward's "The Wrong Tree." Which you should read. PS: Bound To Get Fuller is working on a cover of "My Neck, My Back" -- Khia pretty much wrote it with our aesthetic in mind.

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Blogger K. Silem Mohammad said...

"Badlands" is one of my faves from way back. "Workin' 'neath the wheels / Till you get yer facts learned...!"

Wow, Deacon dances just like Chris Elliott in Groundhog Day.

15 February, 2008  
Blogger MN said...

"My Neck, My Back" is my joint.

September 2002 Bard College Chico-State-Style Dance Party 4-ever.

18 February, 2008  

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