Last night at Moe's I had the pleasure of hearing Hannah Weiner's work with the International Code of Signals performed by Patrick Durgin, Jen Hofer, Dolores Dorantes and Jesse Seldess, complete with walkie-talkies and alphabet signals in Spanish. Later in the evening, I had ANOTHER (count 'em) pleasure: hearing Jesse Seldess read "Present Surround" from his book Who Opens. The sound of it. Almost killed me. Here is the first page of the second page of the poem as it appears in the Kenning Editions edition:

Cast present surround

And blend awning over
Cast to develop

Impart to develop

To cast to develop

Excess you develop

And blend awning over
Excess to develop

Formation that develops

Excess and develop

Excess to develop

In supporting you proceed
And blend awning over
To be covered


Blogger Matthew Arnone said...

Thats a serious first page.

29 October, 2007  
Blogger bill said...

that poim raawwck~s. hard.

08 November, 2007  

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