Too much corn. Not enough grass. Too much deskjob not enough writing. But good news about the bees, I've heard, Brent said. Just a virus. Not anything catastrophic. So we can eat.


Anonymous konrad said...

Did you ever penetrate far enough into the Jurassic to go through that exhibit on folk science?

The bee pamphlet i sent Brandon was from that.

There was also a great book by Rudolf Steiner (no relation) of lectures on bees, that i bought from there.

16 May, 2007  
Blogger Alli Warren said...

O we penetrated far enough in, we were there for hours and hours! I read the bee pamphlet. Loved it. And now I will go find a copy of Steiner's (no relation) book. To read and love.

hi konrad!

17 May, 2007  
Anonymous konrad, uh, said...

hey allison,

The book i bought at MJT that is even better is Flann O'Brien's The Third Policeman.

The word is GLEE that describes my experience of the language of that book, time after time. I mean, you could leave that book out as an appetizer or a kind of dip at parties, or you could be obliged not to fall asleep reading, bedtime. Such pleasure ... very jurassic.

19 May, 2007  

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