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An Experiment To Determine The Number of Repetitions Necessary to Memorize and Retain With Maximum Certainty A Miscellaneous Collection of Facts

When the experiment was began, it seemed reasonable that the written form of repetition would be most desirable. Questions, the answer to which could be given in a single sentence, or even a single word, were selected and given in order to avoid the element of judgment.

What was the name of children in need of food? Work, Labor, and Action.

What important geographical feature takes off our skin? Bones.

About how large is a saint's lie? Right on.

What keeps bodies from flying apart? Service of how.

Who would you choose to watch the sun melt? You know.

What is the leading occupation of the advertiser of intangibles? You know.

Name three important promises. You'll be. You'll fly. You'll know.

What is wind? Hear.

What is the religion of "I want my body to disappear"? Die Drei Letzten

What is the meaning of fighting in vain? To regard a luminous body.

What usually causes us to stick together? I don't know. Do you?

What relic of captivity is still to be seen in a curse? Improvements in social conditions only strike them dumb with dread.

What changes are caused by forgiveness? When the birds sing.

What is coal? Locked up sunlight.

What is proved by string quartets? Introductions, education, unity and chaos.

How have little hands been formed? There are many examples.

The outcome of this experiment should be as it is.

03 May, 2007  

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