The safeguarding of unused space is disproportionate to the “damage” potential inhabitants pose. Currently to a citizen, thresholds are a currency marking the capacities of whole grains and complete proteins. The police are given a biology. One is not permitted to leave. In particular, optical instruments and mirrors require a tongue to speak. One makes it one’s resolution and thus boards up around the gates, and fences in the halls. One’s dead skin is replaced with cadaver skin. In this natural and modern procedure, the outer membrane becomes fibrous and sweet, as well as available to look at. In giving pleasure in the understanding of this sincere and automated function, the system persists.

What is ignored in the report, and is important to my sense of song, is an unconditional capacity to be killed. As at birth one becomes a member of the nation the party the true man of rights, I have a feeling and it’s something that I can’t explain. The pure space of exception from which funds wane. Until 5pm PST. And still, one cannot leave. I’m going home. As an organ of the state the street does not cease. To have become closed will at once become the rule. The space that is open in the jaw and the legs I thought a development naught, I discover, upon my going home, singing an emotional duet.


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