Rodney and Mike were kind enough to "tag" me across the internets and request further information on my past and present whereabouts. Owing to my notoriously awful memory, BB was kind enough to help me remember

Five Little-Known Things about me:

1. Grew up in the same Valley as Suzanne Stein, Judith Goldman, and Kate Pringle.

2. Played basketball (point guard) and wore dashikis in high school. It was gross.

3. Gave a paper at an AP(hilosophical)A conference at the tender age of eighteen. Many men in beards.

4. Am not officially single, contrary to WMP/DUCKPANTS BBPD web persona.

5. Won far more money playing Texas Hold 'em in 2006 than I lost (Gimme that chedda, Brent).


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