Los Angeles Report for Buuck

Checked one bag.

Bob Hope in Burbank and Budget Chevy also in Burbank. Not a pickup.

Power 106 loops the awesome Walk It Out.


Eating food. Watching food on (cable!) television.

Super BevMo. Right by the Guitar Center. And the Tower Records where we used to wait in line to buy tickets. 1200 dollar scotch. Tsing Tao and dark Hefeweizen.

This device which predicted my thinking 3 out of 5 times.

Pace on Laurel Canyon. Celebrity spotting: Teri Hatcher. Many blond women. Many fancy cars.

Cigar and cognac.

Sampling from every "booze" in the bar.

Blow up mattress.

Spill coffee on loved one.

LA Times, while not the best, is certainly better than the SF Chronicle.

Fresh out of the oven, carrot coconut almond muffins. Parsley inching close to being the bride. The ins and outs of preparing an omelette. French press.

Over "the hill" in the Chevy to Hollywood. Brandon sees the sign.

Gigantic Amoeba on Sunset. LPs: Silver Jews, Sufjan Stevens, DEVO. BB: Merle Haggard (2), Missy Elliot, Buck Owens, Boogie Down Productions.

Old friends. A real-life deck.

Museum of Jurassic Technology. Amazing.

The Smell. Meet folks. Read poetry. (Thank you).

LRSN is in town!

Sapporos at sushi bar Ara suggests over Stan's suggestion.

Sapporos at Japanese bar next door. Hard core karaoke. Waitress quite insistent about the two drink minimum in the lounge policy. Which is where we are. There is also "no jump," no gum, and smoking but not while walking (the carpet).


Over "the hill" down into the valley. In-N-Out, Brandon's first.

Eat. "Sleep." Wake at 6:30am. Car, shuttle, plane, bus, train.

Arrive on Shotty block, Monday, January 29, 11:05 am.



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