I've spent many days inserting functions. I'm not done RAMMING IT IN YOU. And you will like it. And all the lists I'll make about it, O. What do you say let's get in the ring. The ring will be all about how I shout and conquer and have no fellows but me and my CRONIES, that's right my BROTHERS TOGETHER IN PRIVATE PARTS. This ain't no parenthetical, ones. I fight with all the weapons Privilege affords me, for I am not afraid, dears. I am ready to use all my resources to win any contest, listserv, or battle which attempts to FRONT. War on Indeterminacy! War on Each Other! Don't doubt I will defend my property, my sex, and my honour. After all, didn't I set about the task of learning language? I did, with the ferocious tenacity only a REAL MAN can muster. That is, not mustering, but in a manner which I find completely natural to my person. My poetry is a NOTEBOOK OF FEATS. I am entrusted and all wimps are overcome.


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