To read this: "If you don't love the sea ... I don't know" in Kevin Magee's "STAMPEDE EFFECT" from _Recent Events_, The Book I Am Currently Most In Love With, when just last night, while reveling in after-Shampoo festivities (not to devalue gossip, not to devalue drinking and carousing, making out in the alley, all forms of public misbehavior and communal affection), I hear what but this amazing news of the possibility of hating the beach! And yes, how you're kind of expected to love it in this sort of primal way but of course you don't or can't, I understand now, when your foundational experiences involve extremely cold wind and rank, dank clams?

Let's try that again...

I'm loving Recent Events & the impossible-not-to-love, Mr. Del Ray Cross, and the honor to read sandwiched between Kit Robinson & Kevin Killian, are we kidding? O & tons of other events did occur (continue to occur) -- sure hope the flickr folks will say it better, as pictures tend to do, am I gonna admit it? ... Is this what 9-5 does to Friday? Do I really have to order the onion-buffalo-wing-ring platter and massage my high-heeled 'hose-covered toes?

At what point did I, or what the hell happened to my ability to write a tolerable sentence?

PS in the process of "writing" this, I heard a boom below on Market, then the barreling of engines and cops and evacuations & I don't even watch the TV news and I'm a little jumpy but word is it's just some underground gas stuff and not "freedom-haters." That's the official word(ing), by the way.


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