Nada done passed me a baton...and just to say, these questionnaires remind me too much of *Girl Scouts* and other *Anxieties via Indecision* but it's Nada so of course here goes:

1. Total number of books I've owned:

I'm in the middle of Packing All Things Into Boxes in fact so I could probably give an accurate count but I won't. I like Nada's "piece of macho": What could possibly be the intent of this question except to measure one's strap-on faux-intellectual codpiece? If I sound like I'm threatened or defensive I'm really not, because, you know, I read most anything that's on the kitchen table, and faster (and probably earlier) than anyone you know, probably. Only thing I would change is slower than anybody and down with consuming and counting in general yo.

2. Last book I bought:

Funny thing: this move's got me selling (and for some obsessive reason) (re)purchasing books at a rapid pace. Found these used a few days ago:
Anarchism Is Not Enough, Laura Riding
Notes for Echo Lake, Michael Palmer
The Diary of James Schuyler, ed. Nathan Kernan
Artaud Anthology, ed. Jack Hirschman

3. Last book I read:
Ways, Barry Schwabsky (thanks David, the mate helps)
Striking Resemblance, Tina Darragh (thanks Carra)

4. Four books that mean a lot to me:

For the past few months, let's say:
XBO, Dominique Fourcade (trans. Robert Kocik)
The Thorn, David Larsen
Tripwire 5, Expanding the Repertoire: Continuity & Change in African-American Writing, ed. Yedda Morrison & David Buuck
Dictee, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

baton to Young


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