Long delay just to say: following Plato, Aristotle attributes the "origin" of philosophy to both a sense of being lost (aporia: no holes), or "clueless," and a feeling of wonder, of awe. Which is obvious or simple enough, right, and maybe the two can't really be distinguished in any substantial way even. That is, looking up feeling lost in stars is necessarily awe. To wonder is to lack a clue, an explanation. Philosophy then as flight from awe? Why fly? Lovers of wonder, ignite? Well, Spicer in "Morphemics" writes:

cantilever of sylabbles
If it were spelled "mune" it would not cause madness."

(ps These ideas were dropped by a smartie bird into my pocket with some chianti the other night so I take no credit for the awe-inspiring ability to scuff thoughtful shit off the top of the head like it ain't nothing, just doing some listening and wanting to share, document, etc. Back to U LRSN>>>


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