Attended the opening night of the Cluster-organized 12th Annual Women of Color Film & Video Festival. Heard Angela Davis speak for the first time. Saw the film "Marcha Lesbica Mexico 2004" call out against the repression of "Autonomous Feminist Lesbians." Noted effective use of bull horns - poets, let's, on streetcorners, in shopping malls. Also a grunged-out 1995 video on the Mexican punk scene and increasing violence against women. Not the best technical "filmmaking" ever, but the (f)act of the screening, access and inspiration, reclaiming spaces, and stitching cross-cultural ties of resistance.

Ducked out early to skip over to The Medea Project performance. "Theater for incarcerated women." Inspiring the cynic out of me. We can and are resist(ing). See also: The Foundation for Polyglottic Activism.