On May Day, Julia Kristeva:

"Poetry has always been able to utter the will of free will, coming back to the memory of words and extracting its sense and time. In periods that we vaguely sense to be in decline or at least in suspension, questioning remains the only possible thought: an indication of life that is simply alive.

Intimacy is not the new prison. The need for connection might establish another politics, some day. Today, psychical life knows that it will only be saved if it gives itself the time and space of revolt: to break off, remember, refashion. From prayer to dialogue, through art and analysis, the capital event is always the great infinitesimal emancipation: to be restarted unceasingly. Without it, all that globalization can do is calculate the growth rate and genetic probabilities.

Truths, including scientific ones, are perhaps illusions, but they have the future ahead of them. In counterpoint to certainties and beliefs, permanent revolt is this putting into question of the self, of everything and nothingness, which clearly no longer has a place.

Nevertheless, if there is still time, we should wager on the future of revolt. As Albert Camus said, ā€˜I revolt, therefore we are.ā€™ Or rather: I revolt, therefore we are to come.

A luminous and painstaking experience."

from Intimate Revolt


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