Post In Which Last Word Intimately Refers to Sense

Said proper names aren't part of a language - a good pick-up line, no? "Was" intrigued, pants "were" down.

Bjork: Homogenic - Norco via his mother who "had cancer" - do you ask? - I mean "I" here (but in terms of you). Ask what? ...is she dead?

On various surfaces saw this evening (in this context "read" is meant - I mean "mean" with some rearranging): "Artists dealing w. sensitive issues" & "God save the heterosexual".

(1) Degree of over-statement made to explain particular emotion ("Over-Stated Explanation Here Press").

Like the idea of writing in (perhaps dash btwn. writing & in) the editing - ...(ellipses)... - by which I mean cliche cliche cliche. Alternate disdain & high-approval-rating for Le Cliche.

Punctuation is a very critical issue! An "ethics of writing" - with love in this voice.

Yes I know it don't seem so kids, but any number of time has "passed" since this little choo-choo of a post set off - how exactly choo choo is spelled.

The wood gate swinging around unlocked for the second time tonight. Through the window I hear. Who closes "it"


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