Panel II Notes

(compiled entirely from the mouth of Scalapino, Kyger, Brady, Buuck, Goldman, Scappetone)

The representation is propaganda
and everyone being killed and so forth,
as well as the sense of outer events
as if it were flesh itself

to see or undergo awareness
the phenomenal stream, the stream being
even that it is such as it is
a great gulf
attempts to bully
and deceive him
and the emergence of
a breath retention process,
all-mighty or slightly-mighty

the no-brainer in the know
the sedimentation of discourse
the futurity of the global nation-state
the referentiality of the dead body

projectile paranoia,
centralized amnesia,
it gulls us with
a language consisting solely
for this purpose
of deceit

knowledge and fore-knowledge on
the world around us
the general vertigo by which
we are lucid
unto a string of social memory,
dynamic and never-ending

one’s ability to lie completely
(fetish gear, 7 on 1)
we don’t do body counts
no matter costs
is collateral damage
costs is civilian death

(they store it up)

the fortuitous or non-fortuitous ongoing
thought in the choked
place of birdsong.


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