Exchange between Jim Behrle & Alli Warren
across a table at the Connecticut Yankee
SF CA April 9, approx. 9 pm

How do the materials taste
inside of lobes?
yes very much there too
and across from the failing bank
where we deposit sums and dot our i’s
deciding or moved to vibrate
is not a steady contemplation
anymore, the initial k.
‘I can do more’ & warmly
we’ve chosen this place to bloom and jump
the railways pink perhaps you remember
knuckleball coming your way
or wrestle with
she reminds us of her
so use appropriate pronouns
along the first smoky rim
which implies the last
and air to do it in
let me be responsible and held

Curious eyes and rose lens
of atrophy we take the lovers of
willing to ‘own up’ to blinding will
and it’s mine again, this symptom
of two, held breaths
of a denial we’ll trick the enjamb
ment and then open
which seems to find a place inside your chin
whose me I mean you, Country Gentleman
this is from my new manuscript
which I am dying to show you.


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