"Tikal, the place where the count of days was kept. Why so sad?
The count of days—to have a people, a place among them, a task. A
people who said the earth needed to be nurtured and that is why
people were made, to love what lives and keep the count of days.
And then the jungle tangles over. And another people make it their
task to note that jungle grew over the first people who kept the count
of the days, but they don’t count. Another people photograph the
corpses at Auschwitz, Birkenau, Treblinka, counted the bodies but
not the days, we are not keeping the count of days, we say the
fingerbones don’t count, Jaguars, Mercedes, tangle over them, NYSE
counts. So I am sad. And afraid. We are taught not to say.

Yet a thing comforts, like the light among the trees, like the bowl for
$4 in the rain yesterday."

--Liz Waldner, from “Remember Me, Remember Me (as sung in that Eno tune)"


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