I'm off to beautiful scorching Arizona for a bridal shower--evidently, we will wear sundresses & eat tea-time sandwiches. Then we will shower the bride-to-be (my brother's fiance) with gifts to show our love & perhaps pass around old photographs & discuss procreation plans. While in the desert I will also be fitted for a red strapless bride's maid dress....not to mention the beige high heels. Also, for the wedding, I am expected to "do something with my hair". What this something is I'm not sure.

I'm damn upset about missing the postcard poems reading. If anyone's got some sort of metaphysical power, I ask that you transport my spirit away from Phoenix & drop it off somewhere near the Oxygen Bar. There'll be a tip involved.

And dammit I wanna play wiffle! I rocked the tee ball field as a youngster. And I've been practicing. East coasters might wanna invest in shipping me over there to bomb bomb away.

Take care kids & wish me luck.


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