Not that there was anything but a few flaming dumpsters, but

how in the days leading up to the Mehserle verdict, and its immediate aftermath, the media shows its deeply racist & classist internal organs. How city "officials" and "community leaders" were heard first coaxing then sternly warning and finally threatening the public: you. must. not. lose. "control", you. must. not. riot., you. must. swallow. yet. another. injustice. The media apparatus is saying: African Americans in Oakland are not capable of guiding their own (re)actions. As if African Americans in Oakland lack any kind of control over their own minds & bodies. As if they must be forced, like children, to "behave".

And how that media message, paired with debilitating police presence on the streets of Oakland, almost *begs* for violent conflict. How a line of overeager cops in riot gear invites a riot. It's practically a welcome mat. The police desire it more than anything. They *can't wait* to use their tools. Why else get all dressed up?

And how the media also begs. The desire of the media & the desire of the police are aligned. They're perfect for each other! They should tie the knot.


Blogger steve said...

I am so glad to check out your blog after not in a long time and find so many different kinds of comments worth paying attention to. Thank you, Alli. This one, among others, is great-- and this one promotes grief in me, as long as willingness to resist, where I can.

22 August, 2010  

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