I like these spatially dense gladiators

I like the novelty
how the two ladies
how they both combined
the proportions
things that just appear

I like the ease of her bias
how she pairs it
taking what is considered
maybe more ridiculous
with her gray shift

and I'm just looking
I don't have fur on me
I like paintings and whatever
the idea of something classic

Also I like color
how they look as a group
I like her small hat
the wing-y aspects
I like Mami's topknot
I used to live there

I like the idea
her cute empire
to intertwine the two
that they both have shoes
I like it as dirty though

I like a lot now
and her injection
how she has kept it
her sweet white locket
how you glint


Blogger Nada Gordon: 2 ludic 4 U said...

This poem is perfect for spring, I like the novelty of it and how you pair it with that photo, and can I please have that skirt, please, to add to the collection? And don't you think it must be cathartic to beat that carpet? And don't you think there must be fur on you (I mean the literal you not the poetic you) somewhere, since you are a mammal?

08 April, 2010  
Blogger Alli Warren said...

Nada the skirt's all yours
it's a perfect response
to exultation or anguish

& it must be cathartic
to beat a carpet, any carpet

(About the fur, I'm not so sure. I don't often feel like a mammal.)

08 April, 2010  
Anonymous f said...

I like your I. for real, it allows me to remember you somehow.


08 April, 2010  
Anonymous feliz said...

I've missed your I for soooooo long...


08 April, 2010  

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