I got Tripwire #1 and a Bernadette Mayer book for 92 cents. DGLS was wearing teal green pleated linen Hammer pants. They are lined and thus good for the Bay he sez later at the smoking bar where the pours are generous and the bartender calls you (me) "honey" or "sweetheart" depending on what you (I) order. Oh and David Highsmith was trying to rock Carole King at the bookstore, the bar was rocking Off the Wall era MJ.


Blogger rodney k said...

Did you wear the DGLS red-white-and-blue coveralls? Did anyone?

21 August, 2009  
Blogger Nada said...

Carole King? Did he succeed???

21 August, 2009  
Blogger Alli Warren said...

Rodney, the only time I tried to pull those overalls off was at that Shotwell St. talk. You were there. Was that Brent's rocket science talk?

DGLS tried to give me his teal pants last night but I had to refuse. I can't steal the man's entire wardrobe...can I?

Nada, I don't think he succeeded, but what do I know. But it did get me thinking about Ms. King and how sometimes her voice cracks just enough to let some funk in, and if she wasn't so held back by that 70s soft rock singer-songwriter thing then maybe she could have made some great stuff. Like, Carole backed by a dope rhythm section...

21 August, 2009  

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