What I did this weekend

Talked about wheat
Touched a sword
Reiterated my new-found love of tequila
Caught the Pumpkin Train
Ate Thai noodles with my fingers
Watched loved ones urinate in public
Read a handwritten note
Went to the post office
Was informed that I have a medical condition I don't have
Visited galleries
Saw a sinister presidential head
Saw a spray painted mattress, staircases and blood made of thread
Heard a man buy an installation for 20 Big Ones
Wanted most of all to touch the art
Heard the Angels
Hurt my ring finger playing air hockey
Reiterated my love of tequila
Sent SMS
Heard bad white boy harmonica and beat boxing
Reiterated my love of poets
Tried to eat food in San Francisco after 10pm
Saw the lamps
Ate wheat
Got the straight talk
Lost my wallet again
Found my wallet again
Finished Picture Palace
Listened to Solomon Burke Cry to Me about ten thousand times
Sent SMS
Tried to write about why I want to touch art
Watched the Dodgers beat the Phillies
Went to buy chicken soup, missed the benches clearing
Felt alternately bat shit, lonely, sick, happy, dumb
Listened to Otis Redding


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