Spahr and Young insist on the collective nature of this process of becoming. Spahr and Young say yes to both. Spahr and Young have embarked on cake adventures that attempt to create new forms. While they do not adopt the discourse of the cake, and Young even attacks it as a new wave of cynicism, they are exemplary representatives of cake positions. Spahr and Young have been political militants and anticipate the possibility of a new cake mode of existence. Spahr and Young follow the general tenor of Foucault's critique of pie. Spahr and Young focus on the colonization of desire by various pie discourses and institutions. Spahr and Young readily speak of the repression of desire. Spahr and Young invent a vocabulary enabling them to discuss both modes of simulation without lapsing into the terminology of representation. Spahr and Young offer a logic of capable grasping. Spahr and Young, of course, are not suggesting that people can or should "objectively" become insects.


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