Volume II

good morning
little fish flake of my heart
lil seal
you band-aid of a face
you silly little hamburger
beetle wrapped inside lettuce
ladybug of beauty
hey butterscotch
booger tree
my love
hey buffalo breath
you little cruella deville
baby pants
macaroni and cheese of my heart
sweetie tart
truffle bunch
carrot soup
you are such a piece of brownie
cornbread head
kind of short drink of water
blueberry muffin
you little handkerchief
wild salmon
you tiny one


Blogger K. Silem Mohammad said...

Anne wants to know are you riffing on Barnes

10 September, 2007  
Blogger Alli Warren said...

Kasey, tell Anne I've been forced lie but I can't lie but I can't tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. On the Internet.

11 September, 2007  
Blogger judy j said...

the morning shift

anonymous stopped me on the down side of the morrison bridge and asked if i knew a place where she could stay for the night that wasn't involved with fog and concrete. for the last time, why didn't i tell her she could stay with me? she had a camoflague shirt torn at the neck and broad shoulders, thick where she swung her arms wide while we walked to the coffee shop and i called in to say i'd be late for the morning shift. bulky boots cluttered under gutter drifts as we sipped mushroom tea steam from the same thermos that i'd carried when we got arrested, not her and me, but me and someone else, and not the exact object, but the similar form for identical function, so how do we identify those we can trust, if not in the resemblance of head tilt and slow gaze before leaning in to kiss a cheek? this was two days before i brought home Dave and Crisis; one slept on the floor and one left soon after we ate boxed aborio rice. soon after, i quit my job and left portland on a four-day bus trip, but that's another story.

11 September, 2007  

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