As long as I'm blogging again, I may as well tell you what I had for lunch. And you?


Blogger John Sakkis said...

garlic bread and spam...no kidding!

i set off the fire alarm 3 times.

and then took an x-files alien action figure to the head (eyeball)...

01 July, 2007  
Blogger judy j said...

curry mock duck with basil. yum.

what are you reading today?


06 July, 2007  
Blogger Alli Warren said...

Mixed greens, apricots, heirloom red beans, and a lime-mint vinaigrette.

Freud on thumb-sucking, train travel, and where babies come from.

06 July, 2007  
Blogger John Sakkis said...

i see how it is.

09 July, 2007  
Blogger Brian Dean Bollman said...

Where'd you get the chenopodium?

10 July, 2007  
Blogger Alli Warren said...

The lovely Two Small Farms

11 July, 2007  
Blogger suzanne said...

um, can you blog again?

what's for lunch?

19 July, 2007  
Blogger Mike H said...


01 August, 2007  
Blogger judy j said...

i didn't know until recently that anna freud wrote theories on the neurotic compulsion to identify with one's oppressors. i haven't read any of her original works, tho - have you?

08 August, 2007  

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