Dear friends & eggs in the east,

Brandon Brown & I will be reading Monday April 9 at the Church. If you can make it, we'd love to share the evening with you. And maybe snow?

+ + + +

"So when I write of love I write of
Blinding referendums, bankruptcy intent,
Industrials, utilities and sales
The petitions of a citizens' group
Transportation, births, connections,
The downtown mall, the toy fund,
The predictions of the meteorologist,
Hearing-aid discounts, oil-price increases,
Ice fishing, diplomatic ties with China,
An exploding oil depot in Rhodesia,
A controversial nuclear physicist,
South Africa's resources of chrome
And Russia's stores of platinum and tin,
Intercontinental ballistic missiles,
Mexican oil, student assemblies,
Mobile homes uprooted by strong winds,
Book sales, Chris Evert's engagement,
The uses of trees on the banks of reservoirs,
The victory of the Cleveland Cavaliers
And how the Sabres beat the Flames..."

-- who else but BMayer


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