More unrequested tidbits that are about in or around me: I thought it was just a regular orange when really it was a BLOOD orange.

Dept of Actually Finishing A Book (FAB): Judith Butler's Gender Trouble. Holy cow.

"Only from a self-consciously denaturalized position can we see how the appearance of naturalness is itself constituted. The presuppositions that we make about sexed bodies, about them being one or the other, about the meanings that are said to inhere in them or to follow from being sexed in such a way are suddenly and significantly upset by those examples that fail to comply with the categories that naturalize and stabilize that field of bodies for us with the terms of cultural conventions."

"If power is not reduced to volition, however, and the classical liberal and existential model of freedom is refused, then power-relations can be understood...as constraining and constituting the very possibilities of volition. Hence, power can be neither withdrawn nor refused, but only redeployed."

Dept of Perks at Work (PAW): found a lost old letter sent with a 13 cent stamp. "If I don't make the softball team then I will only have 12 units -- bummer. I did have another 3 unit class but I dropped it cause I didn't think I would have enough time. Plus, I HATE ART!"

Tonight? Lost Weekend and a slight chance of rain and snow showers. Lows in the mid to upper 30s. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph.

This weekend? Folding TAXT. And duck pot pie. No joke.


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