I, Luke the Drifter, have become acquainted with a little boy's chauffeur jacket. Or the top half of a Catholic schoolboy's uniform. Or a bellhop's classic get-up. The navy blue with the gold buttons, you know the one, it's snazzy as a horse. It's like we say on the range: If a horse is snazzy, then it's like a man is snazzy. What will henceforth be referred to as Newly Acquired Snazzy Ass Coat Slash Blazer was nestled deep in a free(dom) box on 24th in *****Sunny San Francisco*****. Immediately after happy acquisition of said coat, my companion, Machete, author of Memoirs of My Nervous Illness and coveter of doubloons, and I ingested nibblets prepared by companion known henceforth as DeathStar Rico-chet. Homemade crust and the loss of teeth in dreams. Ta-dow.



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