White Male Poet Pleas for Help

Please Help! I have lost my ability to write Seminal Poems. My work is composed entirely of useless squirts and stinks. Stinking squirts. Please help. I need research ideas, reading assignments, syllabi, place names, pronouns, and any and all Reasons to Continue Writing Poetry.

It's hard out here for a Pale Male.

Thanks for your time,

*** WMP gets the feeling I may have cried wolf too many times for this blog's Gentle Readers to take my pleas seriously. But seriously, I really truly deeply S=I=N=C=E=R=E=L=Y would love your help. Being a Successful Entrepreneur of Seminal Verse, it is not my nature to ask for General Poetry Advice. Yet here I am, clinging to da club, like K-Fed. WMPs and wannabes out there, holla on a brother.


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