Sally, I am grateful. But not humbled. I like to make jokes about my genitals. I mean refer to them and gaze at you, darling little beloved muse. Please do continue to sit there and look pretty. You'll shoot right to the very top of my desire I mean the prize list. Listen, I want the radio back too -- the countdowns are a model.

As for Reversible Destiny, you must learn to not eat vegetables. They're known to kill the Drive. And what's this about a rhizome? Sounds like trouble to me. You've got to MAP, DIVIDE and TUSSLE. Portion it all up like a wife bakes a cake. The eggs here and the flour there and all that. No broccoli nor sprouts. Son, eat meat, white buns and job-security. Extinguish anything minor, everything untraceable.

And stay away from them ladies or young ones. Unless it's about Conquering. Little do they know about the Ancestral Line. But how could they? You can't expect it of them, they don't have our glorious parts.

We white male poets must unite or we will be extinguished. Listen to my claims. I declare things and charm you with my unflinching glass eye. I spell my masculine name with the names of other masculine names. A for Allen L for Larry L for Larry E for Eric N for Nick. And boy O how we've suffered for such upright syntactic access, for Every Trope and Truth. We are the Assumption in the Unsaid. Be proud. Ticket-buying is not a problem.


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