Alli Warren here to say I had the pleasure of seeing A Hawk And A Hacksaw in the living room of an old Victorian last night. This means: sitting cross-legged under a dirty chandelier and waves of accordion and violin. Barnes (of Neutral Milk Hotel) called for the lights to be turned out during "Portlandtown," and they were, and we sat in the dark listening to the last lines, "killed my children, one two three, killed my children, one two three, yes they did, yes they did." A Hawk was the last in a no-nonsense series of sets by local (indie-pop?) bands, including the *a*mazing and cutest ever, Belly Boat. Hearing live music! in a house! : beer and porch and hand-drawn blue sharpie heart on the hand. Circus instruments and xylophones. Cops with their hands to their holsters busting in during Barnes' accordion solo and we all cheered and vacated.

Hear some of this local music awesomely hosted by my good friends Mandy and Bodhi today at 2 on The Dog Show.


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