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Poetry as a manner of experiencing – fearless open vulnerability, to confront that foreignness within (and all around), and to then attempt to communicate that incommunicable. To hold this in center amidst all the spinning data, this strange permanent impermanence, this essential thing – that which makes us human – to build a life around this - noble.

Revolt is personal – to undermine totalitarianism in the immediate way one lives (with whom and by what ethics). To set oneself the creative project of reinventing power relationships, uncovering new meanings – and the possibilities love bursts open. Love as the revelatory experience of our natural capacity to transcend the cubicles and strip malls of alienation. This inner and outer alternately unbearable and beautiful, peopled with cluster bombs and exclamation marks! And always only ricocheting back on ourselves – the necessity of confrontation – that is, the impossibility of abandoning us.


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