Deerhoof! -- delightfully disjunctive -- "irresistible attraction and full reject!" -- kidlike instrumenting, drop the bottom out -- Satomi's aerobics & Japanese scat! but can't write as it *really* sounded so let's just say a "good" show.

* * *

Woke round 4 am to incessant thought that I must must conjoin disparate Spicer, Heidegger and Kristeva -- and make a poem of it. Finally coaxed myself back to sleep with promise of waking early to work -- report now zero progress.

* * *

No thing less though, pouring thru old journals -- Peter Gizzi's o.blek

no. 2 shows Bob Perelman's FORMALISM...

"To make Grandpa Jack stony
or the world safe or go away
and not come back, leaving
the small stones lying
unmentioned in the narrative."

and no. 3 snippet from Michael Davidson's PROSE OF THE FACT WORLD

"If we are to have sex, there must be persons who interrupt the act by walking through the room, sitting down at the coffee table and talking among themselves. One tries to be polite but they expect something quite different. You are not told what this is."

* * *

Also from _Enigma Variations_, Berkson's WAVES OF PARTICLES w/ M. Brownstein and Padgett and the inky Guston doodles spliced throughout...

"Television is great. The wind blows
across a screen in Nevada, Utah. That's great,
greater than Utah. The little dots come out to play
in lines of grey and waves of gravvy. Navy blue.
A physicist lights a cigarette on a horse,
although he doesn't know it
because the TV doesn't show it.
But we can see it although we can't smoke it.
Maybe that's the end of it, a little dot of light
shining its name on the great white what."


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