1. deerhoof: milk man
2. sleater-kinney: god is a number
3. television: see no evil
4. the make up: born on the floor
5. adam green: dance with me
6. cake: stickshifts and safetybelts
7. violent femmes: gimme the car
8. pavement: unfair
9. spoon: don’t let it get you down
10. the cure: the caterpillar (flicka flicka flicka)
11. stereolab: motoroller scalatron
12. the robot ate me: our bones were chalk
13. wilco: red-eyed and blue
14. mirah: apples in the trees
15. continuous peasant: maybe you’re right
16. otis redding: pain in my heart
17. the beatles: i’m so tired
18. bo diddley: you don’t love me
19. leadbelly: boll weevil
20. neil young: oh lonesome me
21. cat power: metal heart
22. broken social scene: i’m still your fag
23. nick drake: from the morning