Advisory Committee. Mirah (Yom Tov Zeitlyn). '02 K.
One Foot in the Grave. Beck '94. K.


In twos and threes

I need reminding
in measured sequence, indirect address
atomic weight, potato, photon
filtration system, open mouth

quartered, gripping
suburban night, reeking
more or less, daily
wind picks up.

(for Feliz Molina, photo by Emmet Gowin)


Reading a "novel" for the first time in months: Don DeLillo's White Noise
("Is death odd-numbered?"). Since beginning the "book," my dreaming at night has become ominpresently narrated by a soft-speaking man. From what I can hear he is middle aged and handsome. He seems to know everyone I know. I miss his sarcastic commentary during waking hours, when it's just me alone (and the world).


Road trips: hard on news-reading and vegetarians—from a Seattle newsstand Saddam’s beard staring back at oblivious me—o gee golly that overwhelming sense of security! And the road signs of small town N. CA: Get US out of UN! In Arcata, JOHNNY CASH spray painted white and huge on roadside cement wall. At the border, no fruit to declare. Not even oranges. Tree as skyscraper. Shoulders: “low” vs. “soft”. In the “preserved” spaces of CA OR WA, a strange nostalgia for institutions. Thus later consumed Gary and Nada’s Swoon, Adam Green’s Garfield and James Brown Live at the Apollo. Learned to spell itinerary, hostel. Shot some of it all w. cameras. Soon to follow.


Step 3

Preparation for cold wet and perhaps white:
Jack's snow poems.
Step 2

Trade books for bling bling--gas food cigarettes, that is.
Road Trip Destination: Seattle
Preparations, Step 1

Check my fluids at Lube N Tune.


Thanks to all who submitted--words, that is.


Aspersion: the ascetic projection of.
Certainty: (a)version of vision.
Timbre: various rain; see scrapple-from-the-apple.

for Jonathan Mayhew


Document Retention: skin, the furtive surfacing of.
Green: this-in-which; see gregarious-red-lump.
Scoob: a barrel of fog; now renting.

for Stephanie Young


Ajiva: death by copulation; swollen belly of.
Dirk: down the hatch, as in streetlight.
Mulct: see love.

for Michaela Cooper

Incipient: the enamel of faith; as yet without noun.
Insouciant: quality of the buck; salt of the world.
Insurrection: of words, as seen by poet.

for Nick Piombino II

Neutral: contrary to agency; see never.
Promise: by numbers; of protracted will.
Tactical Strike: inertia of absolutism; see glow-of-great-mass.

for Ernesto Priego


Bling Bling: displays of have; see class-warfare.
Deforciant: U.S.; (file grievance _here_).
Frankpledge: free men and the like; see failure-of-institutions.

for Kasey Silem Mohammad
Oneiric: the lock of prolonged error, as in truth.
Onshore Flow: between lips, as in open rush.
Ostracode: failed opening-out of the human mollusk.

for Taylor Brady
Iraqification: pre-post-aggression philosophy of codified profiteering.
Fnord: the valve on a closed system, as in entropy of multitude.
Therk: curly yoke of the heart; see death-by-ash.

for Michael Helsem


Inchoate: hole in the head; evidence of oblongs.
Ineluctable: a piercing clamor; see desire.
Ingenuous: due course; excretion, as in bed.

for Nick Piombino
Contrived Situation: see post-nihilism.
Personal Indiscretion: young believer growing fragments.
Societal Norm: ghost of denigration.

for Michael Wells
Eye Rhyme: see repeated-movie-watching.
Feminize: emphasis on embodiment, as in pie, perfume.
Frequency Modulation: error in essences; supposed 'deviation.'

for Chris Murray


Submit words you'd like defined. I'll do my best to de(con)note.
Definitions, cont.

Body: relentless attempting, as in transcendence.
I saw her
and behind her there were
flowers, and behind them

[Creeley, The Rhyme, _For Love_]
Woke to myself muttering her pregnant tooth.


Entrepreneur: man-eating, as in capital.


Predilection: to overwhelm, what tongues do.
Now & over the next few days On A Plate I'm posting fun-filled holiday photos.


Dept. of Don't Rummage Through Old Notes:

Question asked of me via January 2002 email:

"alli, if you have no magic in your soul and you think science is bullshit, what do you believe in?"