Inverting Distance (as in “techniques arrayed”)

One enjoys oneself does one not mind an apostrophe
will it do I hide in this psalm showing pronounceable sun

in the space of circumstance to weave a sequel
“this” not translating “it” being distinct in:

to live and the (essential) difference a door or a wall
a metaphor dead one at that

does this fare well for us these are words
we’ve in the tea another of these

possibilities effusing guts both ways I need
having them spilling them

there is no power and (in) repetition,
truth, you see—no sense in promise

I won’t think up a thing to hold on to
is there tenderness there in that area covering (a lot)

of ground, let’s not hit it (as in) galloping
though (it is) unreliable characterization

being in this case traffic
the end of it, do we like to see

squinting asking where it ends asking me
does autumn at us on the porch mean here we are

I will show it to(o) (you)
if those windows to the “dark night”

don’t blink, only being a figure here I
can’t figure out that I don’t mean

(for) it is (in) blinking I (come to) know (you)
which is the stronger verb

somewhere (in the city) not one (but many)
streetcorner, what is your state

does deer seeing cement cross
rustling (not only) (in) the bushes

I want to write the whole poem
(parenthetically this implicit do I make myself clear

(not losing it) in abandon
learning, meaning when entering

in (as we must) not to deny as changing the parts,
whole being wholly in warmth.


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